Fence Post Pins

Fence Post Pins

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May, 2014

When I made the necklace for my Slag Series, I had a mold made of a "master" link and cast it several times to form the chain of the necklace. After the project was finished, I made that master into a brooch, and I really liked how it looked. So I used the mold to make a few production runs of these fence pins. The blurb on the packaging for each pin stated:

If you have ever wanted to show your love of wrought-iron fences and gates but find that they are much too heavy to wear, then these pins are for you! Inspired by early European iron work, these brass pins are excellent for expressing your affection for wrought iron or just blacksmithing in general.

A photo of one of the pins being worn can be found here.

As of 2015 all of these pins have been sold. I still have the mold however, so feel free to contact me if you want one of your own!

Cast bronze and findings.