Art Deco Pins

Art Deco Pins

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March, 2015

I took a digital fabrication class back in the spring of 2015 while pursuing my master’s degree through the University of Massachusetts: Dartmouth. The class revolved around using the CAD program Rhino 3D to produce work via 3d printing and laser cutting.

My previous experience with 3d printing was five years prior when I was at MassART, and back then I was not satisfied with the quality of the prints I received from various consumer-grade companies. (Which were few and far between back then.) But things had changed a lot in five years, and high quality 3d printing services were starting to become more available at a much more reasonable price.

So I decided to try having some production work 3d printed. I chose my Art Deco Brooch as the test subject, as I already had a model of it made in Rhino. The models I received were a lot better than the ones from five years prior, but they still needed a bit of work to get them to a point where I was happy with them. (They had a distinct, lumpy texture on them.)

After cleaning up the model, I had two batches cast: one in sterling silver, and one in bronze. The sterling ones came out a lot better, however the bronze ones sold a lot faster. It was perplexing to say the least.

A photo of one of the pins being worn can be found here.

As of 2016 all of these pins have been sold. I still have the mold however, so feel free to contact me if you want one of your own!

Cast sterling silver, bronze, and sapphires.
Each pin is about 22mm tall, by 18.5mm wide. The sapphires are 2mm in diameter.