Cactuar Figures

Cactuar Figures

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June, 2014

This was a production run of figures that ran from 2014 to 2016. These little running cactuses are reoccurring enemies in the Final Fantasy series. I had made a few of these figures in the past, but this was when I finally made a good mold and ironed out the problems with casting.

These came in four distinct flavors when I offered them on my Etsy shop:

• Polished (Brass)
• Polished (Bronze)
• Antique
• Ancient
(From left to right.)

"Antique" was done with a solution of Birchwood Casey M20 and distilled water; the statues were dipped in a bath of this chemical. "Ancient" was done with a mixture of cupric nitrate and distilled water in a spray bottle; the statues were heated with a torch while the spray was applied. The polished finishes are just that: polished. (The polished variants also had a coating of high grade lacquer applied to them to keep them from tarnishing.)

I have sold out of these as of August, 2016. I still have the mold though, so feel free to contact me if you want one.

Cast bronze and brass.
Each figure is about an inch and a half tall.