Vial Ring

Object Project

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May, 2011

This is part three of my three part Uncomfortable Ring Series. I have a lot of issues with contemporary jewelry, and this series of rings deals with the issue of wear-ability; specifically when someone is willing to sacrifice comfort and well being for the sake of fashion.

This one has the distinction of being the most dangerous of the three by far: The ring has two glass vials precariously attached to it, one filled with Sodium and the other filled with Water. The reaction between these two is a very violent one, and it could seriously injure you if you had the misfortune of accidentally mixing them.

It takes a degree of concentration to keep the fragile glass vials from falling out and breaking. As a result, wearing this ring is somewhat of a balancing act; requiring the wearer to always keep the hand wearing this ring upright and horizontally level.

Stainless steel, copper, brass, steel, glass vials, water, sodium.