Uranium Ring

Uranium Ring

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March, 2011

This is part one of my three part Uncomfortable Ring Series. I have a lot of issues with contemporary jewelry, and this series of rings deals with the issue of wear-ability; specifically when someone is willing to sacrifice comfort and well being for the sake of fashion.

This one contains uranium glass angled in such a way that it stabs into the wearer's fingers. But that is only to remind you that it is there, as the real discomfort comes from the psychological effect that uranium has on people. Unless you know how radiation works that is.

The uranium glass in this ring is indeed radioactive, however it is not actually harmful. Compared to the background radiation we are exposed to every day, the amount of radiation in this ring is less than a bag of plant fertilizer. (In fact, it's too small to even detect on a standard geiger counter.) The reason they are included is because of how threatening and scary the concept of radioactivity is to many people; and it shows, because out of all three rings, people were most uneasy around this one.

Sterling silver, uranium glass.