Senior Postcard

Senior Postcard

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May, 2012

This was the image I chose to use for my senior postcard at MassART.

My work for that year involved using faux artifacts to tell a fictional narrative that mocked mysticism, and the stranger-than-fiction moments sprinkled throughout history. I created a fictional personification of all these notions and named him Count Magnus- a name lovely borrowed from a story by the same name written by M. R. James.

In M. R. Jame's story, the count is a terrible and imposing presence which oppressively looms over the entire narrative. It's a very serious sounding name for a very serious character. I thought it would be funny to play on people's expectations and use this name for a character who was a superstitious, bumbling oaf belonging to the gentry class.

Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Various costumage.