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March, 2012

Another mock-artifact for my senior thesis. This one is a broken phylactery.

The concept of immortality has always been prevalent in the documented span of human history. So it should come to no surprise that the religious and scientific pursuit of immortality has lead us humans to do incredibly dangerous and stupid things. Such as the ancient Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang who ingested mercury due to its supposed mystical powers. Instances like this one, where the seeker of immortality ended up prematurely ending his or her life have always amused me. The obvious irony being that if they had just left well enough alone they would have lived longer. I made this piece to celebrate half baked ideas and silly mysticism.

"What if I had my heart taken out and re-cast in metal? It would be stronger. Therefore I will have my royal physician prepare to operate tomorrow. There is no way this plan can fail."

Bronze, Glass, M-20 patina, expired ink, and Cupric Nitrate.