Multiples Project

Multiples Project

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May, 2011

During my junior year we were assigned the Multiples Project to get a handle on molding, casting, and production work. The assignment was to find an object, make a mold of it, and use that mold to create 7 different objects utilizing lost wax casting. My object was a key. (Two keys, technically. One to learn how to make vulcanized molds, and the other to learn how to make silicone ones. )

I decided to make a series of interchangeable brooches with one "master" backing (with a threaded hole in the center) which would pin to your shirt, and several brooches (with a threaded post on the back) which could screw into it. Thus allowing you to hot-swap your brooch on a whim with any of the six other styles. (Or anything with a 6-32 threaded rod attached to it, really.)

Bronze, stainless steel.