D20 Necklace


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December, 2010

Though my hobbies may influence my thought processes and ideas to an extent, it is very rare that they explicitly make their way into my work. This piece was one of those statistical outliers.

This one came about after a conversation with a colleague of mine. They were very vocal in their opinions on the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons- that is to say, they thought it was a complete waste of time at best. I usually try not to entrench myself in one camp or another, but I took offense to the idea that anyone who played this game was a basement dwelling nerd. (I happened to live in my parent's attic growing up, thank you very much.)

So I did what any self-respecting 20-something attending a fine arts college would do: Get indignant and offer a rebuttal akin to "Yeah? Well, I'll show you stupid!"

So I made a necklace out of the die that signified Dungeons and Dragons: The 20 sided one. (Known as a D20 to the cool kids.) This was pulled from a wax mold and cast in sterling silver, making it a solid 1.4 troy ounces of precious metal. After that, I soldered a bale on it and attached a gold plated chain for good measure.

Sterling silver, gold plated chain.