Cult Pendents

Cult Pendents

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January, 2012

Two of the pendants I made for my senior thesis show. The research I did for my series of faux-artifacts inevitably lead me to religious holy symbols. It then occurred to me that I should create a pantheon of sorts to play off of as well.

The one on the left was attributed to Vexstikos, the Lovecraft inspired god of secrets and knowledge. The pendant was somewhat of a throwback to my uncomfortable ring series, as wearing the pendant proved to be a painful experience between the sharpened points on the bale and the tendrils on the pendant proper.

The other was for the god Cachesia, who embodied the human urge to store and collect things. His holy offerings were said to be tacky things cobbled together from random junk. (The idea of a "hoarding junk god" somewhat amused me considering the tidiness of certain people I lived with for a time.)

When these were displayed, there was a spot labeled set aside Impassiva, the goddess of apathy. (The joke was that she never got around to asking her followers to make her a holy symbol. Ba-dum-tsssh.)

Copper, Sterling Silver, Peitercite.