Combination Brooch

Combination Brooch

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January, 2016

This brooch was a collaboration of sorts between myself and Lillian Webster. We were both enrolled in UMass Dartmouth’s grad program, and the two of us had a show together in November of 2015. The theme of it was the diametrically opposed nature of our respective work, and there was a small participation element during the show’s opening reception.

Lillian and I had laid out numerous unfinished and/or scrapped elements from our work on a long pedestal that was positioned next to the guest book at the front of the room. My work was on one half of the pedestal (labeled A through E) and Lillian’s was on the other half. (Labeled 1 through 5.) Visitors were encouraged to pair up one element from each side, write down their choice on a slip of paper, (making sure to note which element was the main one) and put it in a box next to the pedestal.

Once the show came down, we divided up the slips of paper and put them in two piles: one where one of my elements was the main focus, and one where Lillian’s was. We each drew from our respective piles, and made a piece out of the two objects that were chosen. This brooch was mine: it combines a nickel element that didn’t quite work out for a previous piece, and an enameled disc that Lillian made. The finished pieces of jewelry were given away during the opening reception of our next show in 2016.

Nickel, synthetic ruby, bronze, brass, copper, enamel, stainless steel
Roughly 2.5 inches tall by 1 inch wide.