Coal Brooch

Coal Brooch

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December, 2015

This is a brooch where I cut and shaped a piece of anthracite (coal) and set diamonds in it. The idea was to pair a purely utilitarian material (coal) with one notorious for its aesthetic qualities. In the context of this brooch coal has become a decorative element, and as such it has lost its utilitarian functionality. (Similar to how "gem grade" diamonds do when they are set in jewelry rather than used to coat drill-bits.)

The design of this brooch was a bit too tame, and I eventually remade it. Its successor (Combustible Brooch) made its way into my MFA thesis. I still love this brooch however, and I wear it a lot when I need to dress up nice.

Photos of alternate views can be found here:
Detail 1 - Alt Views
A photo of this brooch being worn can be found here:
Detail 2 - Worn

Sterling silver, coal, diamonds.
5cm x 3.2cm x 1cm
(HxLxW, measured from the thickest point.)