Farewell Brooch 2

Farewell Brooch 2

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July, 2016

This is a brooch that I made for my former professor at UMass Dartmouth, Alan Burton Thompson. While I was pursuing my MFA degree he served as my main advisor, and helped me both figure things out conceptually, and refine my MFA thesis work. (He was also the one who introduced me to Bakelite, which served as the catalyst for a brooch I made: Bakelite Brooch 2.)

Alan is an expert on plastics and has a penchant for replicas and the miniature, so the brooch I made him is both of those things based off a piece of mine that he liked quite a bit.

Alternate views of the brooch can be found by clicking here.
A size comparison of the two brooches can be found by clicking here.

Bakelite, sterling silver, garnets, nickle.