Damascus Steel 5-in-1 Tool

Damascus Teardrop Pendant

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August, 2013

I've been working on and off for my father and his painting crew since I was 14, and I was more or less full time for a good portion of 2013. During the time I've worked for him I had come to realize that one of the most useful tools we had in our arsenal was the 5-in-1. On paper it's just a putty knife/paint scraper with a few odd ends for cleaning paint rollers and opening paint cans, however in practice it has about a thousand other uses that you wouldn't even consider.

I figured that this tool was too useful a tool not to embellish and venerate. Sure, it's a cheap item that you can find in any hardware store for under 5 dollars, but it proved to be an incredibly versatile and necessary tool that I always found myself needing at some point during the day. I wanted to make my father an excellent birthday present for being so wonderful, so making one of thse out of pattern welded steem seemed like the most logical course of action.

The handle is wallnut finished with Danish Oil. My maker's mark was laser engraved into the handle by a now defunct company in Boston "Danger!Awesome." (I tried to do a callback to the way that companies put their logos on the handles of these tools.)

Huge thanks to a friend of mine, Kevin Klein, for helping me harden this and for answering all my little questions about handle making. (I will admit that I over think things a lot more than I should.)

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1084 and 15n20 tool steel, walnut, and sterling silver.